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Software engineer who loves teaching.

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Mustapha Rufai
·Jan 16, 2021·

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Mustapha Rufai Profile


My name is Mustapha Rufai. I am a software engineer who loves teaching.

I lead developer advocacy at @paga. I publish course on LinkedIn Learning.

My focus are

  • developer education ( helping developers learn new skills )
  • building communities
  • creating technical content

In the past years, I have designed programs and led training sessions around web technologies for >3000 students at


I am a software engineer who loves teaching.

I'm a certified CS50 Educator from Harvard University (Division of Continuing Education).

I have consulted, designed programs around web technologies consumed by > 2000 students for government and edtech start-ups.

These include companies like, Torilo Academy, and Fellowship by The Bulb Africa. I'm a mentor, instructor and team member of Black Codher , a coding bootcamp that trains Black women to transition into software development careers

In addition, I have led training sessions for the Enugu Government via the Enugu SME Center.

In the past years, I have been a mentor at Andela to > 50,000 Africans learning and upskilling themselves via the Google Scholarship in partnership with Pluralsight.

You will find me at the intersection of education and technology.


  • Technical Articles here.
  • Sample technical videos on Youtube


  • I co-host the African chapter of WriteTheDocs - WTD. At WTD, we create engaging technical content for our community. We do this through meet-ups, master-classes, community outreach, and many more.

  • I lead the ikeja chapter at OSCA where I the team of experts push open source initiatives in Africa. We recently hosted Quincy Larson of FreeCodeCamp .

  • For the past years, I have been selected by Andela as a Mobile Web Specialist Mentor to over 30,000 students in the Google Andela Scholarship powered by Pluralsight.

  • I have been a member of Code Club since 2016. You can read about 1 of our projects here where we trained ~60 teenagers over 8 weeks.




Reach me via

Email: ShotByMustopha[at]gmail[dot]com

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