Mustapha Rufai

Developer Relations. Software engineer who loves teaching.

Mustapha Rufai

I am a software engineer who loves teaching.

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Mustapha is a certified CS50 Educator from Harvard University (Division of Continuing Education). I led community engagement at @paga. I publish courses on LinkedIn Learning.

My focus is

  • code

  • communities

  • content ( helping developers )


My extensive experience started by building software at a digital agency, video streaming platform, ed-tech, government and lately fintech.

I write code to help developers use products. It could be training sessions, outreach, documentation, technical support, technical integration, etc.

I have designed programs and taught training sessions around web technologies for over 10,000 students at

In addition, I guided training sessions for the Enugu Government via the Enugu SME Center.

Soft Skills

  • Excellent and experienced technical trainer

  • Course curriculum design and development

  • Program Manager

Work Sample

Community & Volunteering

  • I co-host the African chapter of WriteTheDocs - WTD. At WTD, we create engaging technical content for our community. We do this through meet-ups, master classes, community outreach, and many more.

  • ReDi School in Germany

    You can find here a commendation letter from ReDi School in Germany. The role involves volunteering for 12 weeks per cohort on the web development training team. Students learn everything related to JavaScript (including ReactJS and NodeJS) from our sessions. They gain employable software skills to kickstart their careers. The teachers collaborated to design projects and exercises to supplement our sessions. Students can request one-on-one unblocking sessions to help them overcome technical challenges.

  • Open Source Community Africa

    I lead the Ikeja chapter at OSCA where the team of experts pushes open-source initiatives in Africa. We recently hosted Quincy Larson of FreeCodeCamp .

  • For the past years, I have been selected by Andela as a Mobile Web Specialist Mentor to over 30,000 students in the Google Andela Scholarship powered by Pluralsight.

  • I have been a member of Code Club since 2016. You can read about 1 of our projects here where we trained ~60 teenagers over 8 weeks.

  • In the past years, I have been a mentor at Andela to > 50,000 Africans learning and upskilling themselves via the Google Scholarship in partnership with Pluralsight.

Speaking Engagements


Let's Talk

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Email: ShotByMustopha[at]gmail[dot]com