Build One Project

Build One Project

Progress Update

Over 100 people signed up for this. Utiva contacted and wanted this to be official for their Enugu Cohort. So I moved this over there. See code repo on GitHub.


Hi. I’m thinking of setting up a group. The participants will pick a project they will like to build and I will work with them to build and publish it. It can be a web or mobile app. But only 1.


Welcome. The purpose of this group is simple. You want to build a project. We will work together to build it and put it online.

The only rule in the group is to be committed to building and putting your project online.

All conversations should be in the group. Be open minded. Ask many questions. Don’t insult anybody. And build.

2 people can work together on 1 project.

Project Suggestion

  • E-Services by Ernest. Click here to see it.

  • TourEasy by Chinedu. Click here to see it.

  • Ners by Samson. Click here to see it.

  • Bwriter by Samson. Link.

  • Deken by DekenConcept. Link.

  • Tclone by Nelson. Link.

  • Vincent by Vincent. Link.


Tell us about yourself. Click here to fill your details.

To join the group on WhatsApp, click here.

Check all the participants and their project here.

About Me

My name is Rufai Mustapha. I stay in Lagos, Nigeria. I’m a software developer. And technical trainer. I like to run and cycle.

I have 4-years experience in the industry.

I build for the web and mobile.


Does it mean if one person pick ( a project ) all of us will do it

No. One person 1 project. But some people can join together to build their 1 project together. If they want it that way.

Hope we can build a unique project from scratch and not an existing one

As long as your project is buildable. We will break it down and try to achieve it. If it’s not achievable, you will find another project.